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Manage all your employee expenses under one roof

Being a self-service portal, employees can easily raise expense and reimbursement claims through BatchMaster HeRd. Employees can save numerous trips to the admin department by uploading receipts and bills electronically. Acting as an expense management tool, HeRd allows employees to select their expense type from the available categories and view the status of their claims in real time. Any queries raised by the accounting department can also be electronically resolved on the portal.



Admin can preconfigure expense categories, including the configuration of various payment modes. The upper limit of expenses can also be set for employees according to their hierarchy.

Approval hierarchy

Admin can set a well-defined approval hierarchy & multi-level approvals can also be organised. Managers can oversee the expenses incurred by employees in their respective teams.


Advances can be given to an employee for a trip or an individual event.


Users can upload receipts as supporting documents while claiming an expense. The managers can download those receipts to check for legitimacy and spend limits.


Travel-prone employees can create individual trips for their business outings and trip-wise expenses can be managed efficiently.


Track total spending across expense heads and departments to realize the business value created against these expenses and make budgetary plans for the next financial period.

About Us

BatchMaster Software is one of the market leaders in offering enterprise software solutions for the process manufacturing industries. Through a vast industry experience with over 2500 implementations worldwide, BatchMaster clearly understands the unique industry challenges and offers ERP solutions that support industry-specific functionalities and handle critical processes of the micro-verticals. BatchMaster empowers the organizations to streamline their operations, reduce wastage, bring down costs, increase profits, improve compliance, and manage safety to keep their customers happy and satisfied.

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