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Payroll Management Software

BatchMaster HeRd enables organizations to achieve faster processing and accurate payouts. The payroll module ensures 100% statutory compliance, on-time disbursement of salaries and stress-free month ends for the HR team. It also manages employee salaries, deductions, other conveyances, net pay, bonuses and automatic generation of pay slips, etc. This payroll management software offers comprehensive payroll reports for review and decision-making.


Employee Payments

This payroll software ensures a smooth payment flow in a very easy and hassle-free manner. This includes the calculation of salaries, along with various allowances like medical, mobile, transport, etc. It also accounts for reimbursements and deductions such as professional tax, TDS, PF etc. The software also uses functionalities such as CTC approval, tax calculator, salary settings, salary approval, bonus calculator, gratuity calculator, etc.

Taxation Simplified

With its tax-processing mechanism, BatchMaster HeRd helps employees from different pay bands to make tax declarations for every fiscal year.

Seamless Integration

The payroll module of this system syncs with other modules such as HR, Time Management, Attendance, etc. It can also integrate with other Attendance management systems like Cosec, Matrix, etc. It eases the process of payroll by importing the timesheet and processing them.

About Us

BatchMaster Software is one of the market leaders in offering enterprise software solutions for the process manufacturing industries. Through a vast industry experience with over 2500 implementations worldwide, BatchMaster clearly understands the unique industry challenges and offers ERP solutions that support industry-specific functionalities and handle critical processes of the micro-verticals. BatchMaster empowers the organizations to streamline their operations, reduce wastage, bring down costs, increase profits, improve compliance, and manage safety to keep their customers happy and satisfied.

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